• DOKULOG optimises your Document Logistics.
  • Analogue and digital come together.
  • Independent and neutral consultancy.
  • Efficient - in Result and Process.
  • Supporting public tenders for Print and Copy Devices.
  • Surviving strategies for print rooms.
  • Toner, Ink, Solid-Ink, or Gel?
DOKULOG optimises your Document Logistics.1 Analogue and digital come together.2 Independent and neutral consultancy.3 Efficient - in Result and Process.4 Supporting public tenders for Print and Copy Devices.5 Surviving strategies for print rooms.6 Toner, Ink, Solid-Ink, or Gel?7

DOKULOG - Your Partner for Document Logistics
and efficient Paper Output Management

MPS (Managed Print Services), MDS (Managed Document Services) and many other new keywords in the document world. We suport you with this topics. We help you to improve your processes and your document output.

As independent consultants we support our customers in the conception of document processes and output infrastructures including choosing the right systems, solutions, and suppliers. We do not sell any printer, copier, fax, or multifunctional device, but we know the market for these systems from different points of view. We see the handling of multifunctional systems as our core business as we act as representatives of the users. Some times we work with manufacturers, dealers and other companies participating in the market for such systems to transfer our knowledge from the users to the suppliers.

Analysing paper output solutions that is what we do every day. Together with our customers we create optimal infrastructures. We are sure that we can cut your costs as well. At the same time we explore the benefits of modern output solutions.


Will your internal print centre survive? Let us talk about strategies, about service orientation, new service opportunities, and the importance of the CRD. The situation for internal print centres is difficult. Volumes are going down. Often the management asks: Do we need the internal CRD any more?  And here we can help. We develop strategies for internal print centers.

We are located in Germany, but work where ever some one needs us. We prefer German and English as working language, but are able to handle other languages if necessary.

Just give us a call (phone +49 2202 239838) or send us an mail using

Dr. Robert Dekena and team waits for you!

Vortrag von Dr. Robert Dekena auf dem Channel Solutions-Day "Drucken und Archivieren"  am 15. Mai in Köln

Dr. Robert Dekena on Channel Solutions-Day "Drucken und Archivieren" in Colgne.



Dr. Robert Dekena
Ferdinandstraße 30b
D-51469 Bergisch Gladbach

phone: +49 2202 - 239838
fax: +49 2202 - 239839
eMail: info(at)


Since the beginning of the 1990th Dr. Robert Dekena is deeply involved in topics and projects related to the Document Logistics. In his consultancy business he concentrates on solutions for the transition of documents between the electronic and the paper world.


In many projects he analyses paper output situations and processes in private companies and public administrations. He designs and implements organisational solutions for different topics in the field of Document Logistics. He manages many projects and collaborates with using companies and different suppliers. He is deeply involved with questions of the challenges, chances, and risks of the implementation of multifunctional paper output systems. He published several articles, studies, and reports.


Dr. Robert Dekena finished his studies as Diplom-Kaufmann and PhD in business informatics at the University of Cologne (Germany). After his studies in Cologne (Germany) and Kingston upon Hull (England) he worked as group and project leader with BIFOA (Betriebswirtschaftliches Institut für Organisation und Automation an der Universität zu Köln) for 6 years. After that he runs a small consulting company in Bergisch Gladbach (Germany) as managing director for about 10 years. Since 2005 he owns and leads DOKULOG in Bergisch Gladbach (Cologne region, Germany).

Dokumentenlogistik &
Management Beratung

Ferdinandstraße 30b
D-51469 Bergisch Gladbach

phone: +49 2202 - 239838
fax: +49 2202 - 239839
eMail: info(at)

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